BMW i3

detsember 2013

BMW i3, the all-electric car, was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor show 2013.

BMW started with “Project i” a few years ago. The aim was to develop a lightweight eco-friendly electric car. This new sub-brand stands for innovation, mobility and sustainability that is designed for life in the city. Its first concept car was unveiled in 2011. The i3, BMW’s first zero emission car, got into mass production in September 2013.

The LifeDrive concept resulted in a new kind of vehicle architecture in order to optimize the vehicle weight. “Life” refers to lightweight passenger compartment made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and “Drive” refers to the aluminum chassis that forms a solid foundation and protects the battery. The lithium-ion battery cells are stored underneath the floor of the car, at the center of the Drive Module. The electric motor has a weight of 50kg and generates a maximum output of 125kW. It sprints from 0-60km/h in about 3,5 seconds and it achieves an average driving range of 130-160km with a range extender it can be increased up to 300km. The car has opposing doors that are coupled with the absence of B-pillars. This in combination with the Saint-Gobain Sekurit windscreen, it has a high degree of spaciousness and freedom of movement inside the BMW i3.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit is the OEM supplier!